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Families who Enroll in Our Program:

  • Can attend field trips, workshops and/or class days with no out-of-pocket payments when enrolling through one of the charter schools we work with**

  • Can have freedom in choosing their own curriculum at home

  • Can receive additional funding for school supplies**

  • Can choose 1 or 2 or more class days per week that best meet their needs
  • Can have access to instructors who are professionals in their fields 

  • Can receive support from a California credentialed teacher 

  • Can choose the 5-hour, drop-off option 

  • Can choose to enroll 1 day/week/month/semester, OR 1 school year

  • Can choose to participate in weekly meet-ups, community service projects, family socials or summer camps

  • Can choose to have siblings attend on the same class day(s)

  • Can choose to enroll at any time of the year

  • Can choose to try out a class at any or all locations

  • Can choose from Transitional Kindergarten or Primary or Teen programs

  • Can choose parent support from fellow families

 **SME accepts school funds from many charter schools, and some of those charter schools provide additional in funds for field trips and educational supplies. 

What Our Students Say:

  • "I like the challenge of learning a new skill"

  • "I like the kids. They are nice kids."

  • "I like the teachers.  They know their stuff."

  • "I like the classes.  They are interesting."

  • "I like the recitals.  They motivate me."

  • "I like to learn at class days and have no homework."

  • "I like my supervisor. She is so nice."

  • "I like the field trips.  They are really fun."

  • "I like the starting time so I don't have to get up too early."

  • "I like going to class days with my friends and be together."

  • "I like that there is no test so I don't feel nervous.

  • "I like lunch time.  I can talk to and play with friends." 

  • "I like having the same friends for many years."

What Is Soaring Minds Education(SME) ?

The founders of SME are first generation Americans born to immigrant parents. They grew up in south-central San Diego. With their parents' lack of knowledge of the education system in the new country, they both graduated high school with limited outlooks on life: find jobs and make ends meet.

They eventually obtained college degrees and began working with at-risk youth. Meanwhile, they decided they wanted to be more involved in the education of their five children, so they started planning field trips based on their own children's interests and met many other like-minded families. Over time, they became resourceful at finding local opportunities that would enhance the subject matters that their children were learning at home.  In 2016, they lined up all the "elective activities" into a weekly 5-hour day at Balboa Park. Through word-of-mouth referrals, this group gathered for a weekly "class day" for 9 consecutive months from September to May.  Soaring Minds Education was thus birthed and named for the growing community of families searching for similar options.

The founders would tell you that their educational goal has always been to support their own children in the exploration of academic, artistic, recreational and occupational opportunities, as well as their individual interests, learning styles and potentials. This has become the reason for the expansion of SME. As their children's propensities evolved and it was necessary to add or vary the workshops for their family, as well as keeping the same ones for their friends.  In the beginning, it served 6 to12 year-old students, but as their family grew, SME has expanded to now include students of ages 4-17.


What works for our founders has now attracted hundreds of families. Parents can drop off their children for 5 hours at a time to a student supervisor who monitors the health, safety and socialization of the students.  Siblings and cousins are able to enjoy being near and learning together. In addition to the option of paying out-of-pocket, families can use their charter school funds to purchase workshops, class days and field trips.  The best part is that SME is an independent program, NOT a school or a co-op. SME encourages parents the freedom to educate their children however they'd wish. We don't require testing, homework or work samples.  In addition to subjects like language arts, mathematics, social studies and science, SME exposes students to extraordinary subjects such as boating, music, drama, outdoor survival skills, martial arts, robotics, cooking, sewing, dance, languages, botany, entrepreneurship, zoology, and many others.


Soaring Minds Education is a tribe of families, enjoying and sharing a dynamic learning experience through class days, field trips, community service projects, and family socials. If we recognize a need for improving our journey, we will make the possibilities available to every family at Soaring Minds Education. 

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